SAM 2008 - Local Information

The Darmstadtium Conference Site

Darmstadtium conference centre

The Darmstadtium is a new convention centre in the middle of Darmstadt. It has been opened in December 2007 and found its name after the element darmstadtium which has been discovered in Darmstadt. The congress centre lies at the heart of Darmstadt, just a few steps from the pedestrianised city centre.

Darmstadtium conference centre, bird's eye view

Please see this PDF flyer or the official homepage and its information on Darmstadt for more details.

The Banquet Dinner location

Aerial view of Schloß Johannisberg

Schloß Johannisberg is a chateau in the Rheingau wine-growing region that has been making wine for more than 900 years. Being a an award-winning winery today, the chateau is located on the top of a hill among 35 ha of vineyards. While hiking through the Rheingau, Goethe wrote enthusiastically: "The Johannisberg thrones above everything". The banquet of the SAM workshop will be held in the historical part of the chateau which is normally closed for public access.

Wine harvest

Charlemagne (768 - 814) stands at the beginning of the wine history of Schloß Johannisberg. Legend records that from his imperial palace at Ingelheim he observed the early melting of the snow on this hill. Having decided that this would make it particularly suitable for wine-growing, he planted the first vines. Later on in 1130 AD, the consecration of the Romanesque basilica gave the hill, the monastery and the district the new name Johannisberg after John the Baptist.

Front view of vineyard

In the late eighteenth century the winery was the first to discover the famous late harvest wine. Today, Schloß Johannisberg is one of the most recognized German wineries and also has the most comprehensive Riesling library in the world with wines dating back to 1748.

The City of Darmstadt

Located at the gates of the "Odenwald" forest and at the bottom of a wine-growing region, the city of Darmstadt is well-known for its "art nouveau" art style of the late 19th century, and represents today a prominent cultural centre.

Information on the City of Darmstadt and surrounding areas can be found at the following links: